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Voltage Optimisation

As a VO installation contractor we specialize in installing bespoke designed systems which optimize the voltage supplied to your electrical systems, primarily in Commercial and Industrial settings. Firstly, we assess a facility's electrical infrastructure to determine if voltage optimization can be used to improve energy efficiency. Typically, our services would then involve the installation of voltage optimization equipment, such as voltage stabilizers or regulators, which ensure that electrical appliances and machinery receive a consistent and ideal voltage level, typically lowering it to an energy efficient range. By doing so, we help our clients reduce energy consumption, extend the lifespan of electrical equipment, and lower electricity bills while maintaining the quality of power supply. Voltage optimizer systems and their installation play a critical role in enhancing the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of businesses and organizations by efficiently managing and optimizing electrical voltage and as such the associated utility costs incurred on an ongoing basis. They are also a key component in achieving energy savings as part of an ESG strategy for reducing carbon footprints.

“The AES Electrical & Mechanical teams became a key subcontractor for us on this strategically important Client contract, allowing us to deliver the project on time and on budget, despite a challenging economic climate for staffing, supply chains and agile Client demands.”

Full electrical fit-out for Braithwaites / Lidl

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